Nathan Nicholson’s Testimony

In this short video, Nathan shares his story of being on a pathway towards becoming a professional footballer but he got caught up in a life of drugs and addiction. His life spiraled out of control until one day, he cried out to God and God intervened in his life in the most remarkable way. He has been completely free of addiction for 6 years and recently got married to Emma….

John Edwards Testimony

In this video John shares his testimony as part of an RTE documentary a few years ago. Watch and be inspired as John shares how God radically transformed his life….

Bernard Colliton’s Story

Bernard Colliton shares his testimony of a life turned around by the power of God. Bernard has seen God do many miracles and he shares some of these in this short video….

Antonio Moldovan’s Story

Antonio shares his testimony of leaving Romania as a refugee, meeting Jesus in Limerick in Ireland as the first member of his family to get saved and now he serves God in a local church and has been travelling with Walking Free on the Crying Freedom Tour….

Sean Donohoe’s Story

In this short video Sean Donohoe from Dublin Ireland shares his story of brokenness, alcohol and drugs until the day he met Jesus and his life was forever changed….

Catch the Fire North Carolina

John leads a team from Catch the Fire North Carolina into a local area Durham. Watch some amazing testimonies of lives changed….