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We at Walking Free have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of deaths arising from addiction in Ireland and the UK. Unfortunately, many of these are people who have been through some form of Christian Rehabilitation programme. In response to God’s leading, Walking Free will be hosting Weekend recovery retreats, these are full on teaching and encounter meetings, designed to help you put your Godly boundaries back in place and re-evaluate your Non Negotiable Priorities.

Having spent the last 30 years working with addicts and those recovering from addiction we have a in depth understanding what ‘Recovery’ actually is and how to apply it to your Christian life. These weekends will literally change your life.

We will be charging £30 per person for full board, (bed and food). Of course the true cost is closer to £100 per person, we will cover this and during the weekend we will take an offering to help meet the costs, in this way everyone can afford to come.

We are trusting God that some will sponsor people to come to these life saving weekends.

Should you want to sponsor one or two people you can do so on our ‘Donate’ page on the website.

Those interested in coming to one of our weekends can email us at

We will then let you know when and where the next Weekend retreats are on.

God bless you. Remember, Jesus came to give us life and life in all it’s fulness. (John 10v10)

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