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We then moved onto Tullamore in County Offaly, about 2 hours journey with the prison cell and we were met by the lovely and amazing Pastor Gavin from Cornerstone Slieve Bloom Church. He arranged a fabulous place for us to stay in Castledaly Manor, a christian retreat centre. Thank you for that Pastor and church.

Our great friend and local Tullamore guy Nathan Nickelson joined us once again and shared his testimony with many, what a great young guy he is, so committed to God. We had a bit of hassle parking the Cell near the town centre but God miraculously made a way. We ministered every day for 4 days and once again the moment we arrived people were waiting for us. (Not really but that is what it was like, honestly) We lost count of how many gave their hearts to Christ, addicts wanting to go to rehab, praying for healing once again and seeing God touch people. My friends we are seeing a move of God, this tour is 6 weeks long but I know we will continue after a short break, we will be back to Ireland again and again. God has spoken to us, I will share exactly what soon. Nathan’s family, his Dad, Mum, sisters and of course his lovely girlfriend Emma joined us and we saw a move of God once again in Tullamore.

God is speaking to us, showing us what His will is and how to develop what He wants to do. I believe we are on the cusp of something very special. I will be looking for other people to join us in future tours, to train you and equip you to reach your town, city or village. Watch this space.

We had two incredible meetings in Cornerstone Church, Tullamore, one on Saturday night and then on Sunday morning, great response on both nights. Thank God, Glory to You.

Once again we live-streamed from our Morgue and saw a growing response. We are humbled but delighted to be spearheading this tour, I have to say, Things have shifted, there is much more momentum from Heaven to Earth at this time.

God bless you all and once again ,thank you all so much for your financial and prayerful support. We so appreciate it. It costs money to do this and you are standing with us, partnering with us and we thank you.

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