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From Cork we drove with the prison cell and morgue to Shannon and Limerick, getting 3 expensive punctures on the prison cell on the way. We had a long wait on the motorways hard shoulder for a rescue car to get us.

We partnered with Shannon Christian Church and my great friends Pastors Alex, his wife Pearl and Pastor Elton Good and his wife Louise. The team included myself, Dermot Landy, Sean, Nathan, Johnno and Bernard, and we were joined by several from the church. Once again, the moment we arrived it was like people were waiting for us, God began to move, people immediately asked for prayer, some very broken and lost people gave their hearts to Christ, young and old came, asking for prayer for healing, One older guy had severe pain in his back and wore a brace, Bernard prayed with him and the old guys absolute amazement he was instantly healed, he was so so thrilled, then he gave his life to Jesus. The next day he didn’t even have to use the brace so complete was the healing. Glory to God. Each night we continued to have our worship and prayer meetings, many were baptised in the Holy Spirit, speaking in other tongues. So many others had an incredible encounter with God too. We Live-streamed each night and morning from our Morgue through Facebook live and YouTube on ‘John Edwards, Walking Free’, sharing testimonies and teaching. Many watched each night, the response has been incredible.

We worked for two days outside the Shannon Shopping centre, seeing many others blessed, saved and touched powerfully by God.

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