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We then spent two days ministering alongside the prison cell In Limerick and the testimonies of Healing are incredible, One lady suffering from Rheumatism was prayed for and was instantly healed and touched by God. She was so shocked that she ran away only to come back a while later and gave her heart to Christ. Praise God. Other sickness like migraines were healed too.

By now we had lost count of how many had committed their lives to Christ. One guy who we met many years ago with our Syringe in Roscrae in County Tipperary was coincidentally passing by, he recognised John, came over, and told him he had been drug free since meeting us last time almost 7 years ago. He hadn’t received Christ though but here in Limerick both he and his wife gave their lives to Christ. There are so many testimonies of God’s power to bring about divine appointments, incredible healing’s and just plain God blessed and brilliant moments. Each of the team could share many testimonies of God at work through them. What an exciting time we had. Once again our ‘Morgue Live Streaming’ was super successful and many are following us on our journey.

Our great Romanian friends Antonio and Almudena hosted us and we had many incredible prayer and worship times in their home. Thank you to you both so much. I must mention that Almudena was so touched last week by God that she decided to get baptised in a local lake, his pastors and friends joined us, it was raining very heavily when we arrived at the lake but after a strong prayer the rain stopped, the clouds opened, the wind died down and the sun shone for the entire baptism service, then once we were back in our cars the heavens opened again. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so. Almudena and Antonio were greatly blessed and we named them as official Walking Free Team members.

We preached a message from their church that went out over the internet. Thank you Shannon Christian church for hosting us. We were blessed to see God move with such power. In your words…’ve not seen God move this way in Shannon or Limerick before. Bless God. Thank You Lord.

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